Featured Club Benefits

Play in Groups

Pools are not just for swimming. Our club members play big without spending big by pooling their money for group lottery subscriptions.

The Power in Numbers

We play to win! We play lots of tickets per drawing and our numbers are chosen by a sophisticated computer program to increase our chances of winning.

Online Tracking

Easily join new groups and track your subscription status and group prizes online.

Mobile Apps

Our website is mobile device friendly. So you can browse our site with your tablet or smartphone anytime.

Prizes Delivered to Your Mailbox

Group prizes above $600 are automatically distributed by the New York Lottery's Subscription Center. If your group wins the jackpot, a New York Lottery representative will personally inform you.

Rollover Prizes

Group Prizes of $600 or less are credited to the Grandmaster's player account. These funds (we call Rollover Prizes) are added to the each group member's account on Jackpot Masters. These funds, located in your My Account page, can then be easily used during checkout when joining new groups.

Secure online payments

We use PayPal to collect from each member joining a group. PayPal is one of safest and secure ways for online transactions.

Your Information is Safe

Jackpot Masters takes full advantage of the New York Lottery's Subscription Center for subscription creation. Plus we use a 128-bit SSL encryption for data transmitted between our web server and your web browser.

Great Support

Have a question, contact us.
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Latest Club News


Last Chance to Join Delta Group (2017-2018)

Hey everyone, The deadline to join the Delta Group (2017-2018) is Monday, August 21st, 2017. If you are thinking about joining please do so now before the group is activated. Thank you!


Delta Group (2016-2017) Expiration Notice

Notice to all Delta Group (2016-2017) members: Your subscription expires on 5/17/2017. Renew your subscription today by going to our shop page (click “Join” on the top menu). Rollover Prizes will be added after the end of the subscription. Thank you!


Prize Notification

Prizes have been posted!!! Log in and see if your group was lucky.